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The Hawkins - Live In The Woods

The Hawkins

Live In The Woods

Release date: August 20, 2021
Label: Sign Records
Shortly after The Hawkins released their second studio album Silence is a Bomb (2020, The Sign) during the Corona\-year 2020 the band went out in the wood to record a live session. The session contained of for track from their newly released album and was filmed. A vinyl of the music from the live session is now released. Containing these four track but also a bunch of other great live recordings from earlier. This vinyl is a one time pressing limited to 500 copies on Green vinyl. Live in the Woods is partly recorded in the deep Swedish forests, partly recorded in an abandoned barn, and partly recorded at Brasstacks Brewing, who brewed The Hawkins latest craft beer Olsson Lager. All together the digital EP holds 7 cuts, with one bonus track exclusively available on the vinyl. The tracks shreds a new light on The Hawkins latest material, capturing the intense and explosive live sound that the band has developed from years of touring and playing shows. All of the tracks are beautifully mixed and mastered by the band themselves. It was so much fun and very interesting to record these sessions. Not just to hear in detail how we actually sound live, but also to explore the different settings; the sound of Mikaels amp echoing through a tree forrest, the light piercing through the slits in the barn, the smell of resin and bark and the coziness of playing a brewery. \-Johannes Carlsson
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20 August 2021 / More records