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The Golden Dregs - On Grace & Dignity

The Golden Dregs

On Grace & Dignity

Release date: February 10, 2023
Label: 4Ad
The beautiful third album by the GOLDEN DREGS, On Grace and Dignity, starts with a scene of a man going on holiday in search of his “best self”. In among the personal reflections on loss of innocence and inferiority, Benjamin spins subtly interweaving narratives about survival, desperate acts of violence, loss and the limitations of community in the face of rapacious gentrification. Nevertheless, it is, appropriately for an album about home, somewhere you’ll want to spend a while. (Benjamin recorded it at his place –that’s his sister Hannah on saxophone.) Life here proceeds at a graceful pace –the bass is sturdy, organs celestial, horns softly valedictory –grounded by Benjamin’s deep voice, which seems to resonate from his feet as he delivers the sort of meticulously written lunar wisdom worthy of Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner, or the tidy yet revelatory koans of Silver Jews’ David Berman. Vol Side Track Artist Title 1 1 1 The Golden Dregs Intro 2 1 2 The Golden Dregs American Airlines 3 1 3 The Golden Dregs How It Starts 4 1 4 The Golden Dregs Before We Fell from Grace 5 1 5 The Golden Dregs Not Even the Rain 6 2 1 The Golden Dregs Eulogy 7 2 2 The Golden Dregs Josephine 8 2 3 The Golden Dregs Vista 9 2 4 The Golden Dregs Sundown Lake 10 2 5 The Golden Dregs Beyond Reasonable Doubt
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