The Ghost Club King Whatever (Apple & White Splatter)

Release date:
April 26, 2024
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Apple & White splatter color variant. The Ghost Club's album King Whatever speak an unfiltered truth about the many frustrations of getting by in the modern world: isolation and uncertainty, worn-out expectations of masculinity, an all-too-common hostility toward those who ardently chase their dreams. All throughout the LP, the Pittsburgh-bred band brings that truth-telling to a thrilling collision of heartland rock and garage punk and new wave, etching each track with plenty of unexpected musical turns. The Ghost Club's debut release for Last Gang Records, King Whatever ultimately serves as a powerful showcase for the band with an element that's equal parts sharp-tongued commentary, gritty self-reflection, and timelessly fun rock-and-roll romanticism.

  • 1. I'm Sold
  • 2. King Whatever
  • 3. If I Fell (Don't Wait Here for Me
  • 4. Another Little Sucker
  • 5. FML
  • 6. Creature of the Shadows
  • 7. Two Steps Ahead
  • 8. It's Your Call
  • 9. Run
  • 10. Don't Let Go

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