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The Future Sound Of London -Stakker Humanoid

The Future Sound Of London

Stakker Humanoid

Release date: December 07, 2018
30 years ago this month (Nov 1988) HUMANOID - STAKKER HUMANOID was the UKs No.1 song in the Dance charts - it would stay no.1 for 5 weeks also charting in the UK top 20 at No.17.Now regarded as an ACID HOUSE classic anthem and hailed as the first real UK acid house track to break the UK top 20.Humanoid music from 1988 was also used in Stakker Eurotechno - now housed in the museum of modern art (New York) and sighted as a major influence on early Aphex Twin music / ReflexTo celebrate Humanoid (Brian Dougans FSOL) has reworked the original into a 2018 Breaks Monster with two equally killer tracks on the b side Skatter and Blunt Original Futuristic UK Acid House music circa 1988 :) With not a single cry of "ACIEEEEED!" one record, Humanoid's Stakker Humanoid, hasBlown apart the UK House Music scene. It's the most uncompromisingly Acid track to beProduced so far in this country.
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07 December 2018 / More records