The Darkness Blood On Canvas

Release date:
April 26, 2024
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"Blood On Canvas" is the most ferocious album to date from the thrashers DARKNESS from Essen, Germany. The songs are more aggressive and heavier than anything else in The Darkness discography to date. Although it is not a concept album, "Blood On Canvas" is not a mere collection of nine songs created in one period, but a multi-faceted sound painting, painted with the colors of wrath. Musically, DARKNESS deliver the uncompromising and fast thrash metal they have been known for since their debut album "Death Squad" (1987). However, the compositions on this album are more complex and detailed than usual, without losing any of the aggression, heaviness and authenticity. The lyrics are no longer just a description of the madness that determines the course of this world, but get to the heart of the matter in a straightforward and uncompromising manner.

  • 1. Wake Up in a Rage
  • 2. A Couple of Kills
  • 3. Night in Turmoil
  • 4. Human Flesh Wasted
  • 5. This and My Heart Beside
  • 6. Truth Is a Whore
  • 7. Defcon Four
  • 8. Roots of Resistance
  • 9. Blood on Canvas

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