The Bug Club Mr Anyway's Holey Spirits Perform! One Foot In Bethlehem

Release date:
August 25, 2023
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In January and February 2023 The Bug Club toured around independent venue week, and were supported by a mysterious band called Mr Anyway's Holey Spirits. We knew absolutely nothing about this band, but we were crafty enough to have somebody record the gigs on a cassette machine and we are now putting it out without them knowing. Some people sign bands and write up fair contracts; we just keep a cricket bat close to hand in case somebody comes looking for us. Luckily it turned out they were just The Bug Club in disguise. 1. We're So Happy To Be Here 01:09 2. One Foot in Bethlehem 03:10 3. It's Not Mine 02:18 4. La La La love 01:41 5. I Don't Know How To Rock and Roll with Emily 02:35 6. Doesn't It Feel Nice to Tell That Lie 01:01 7. Clapping in Time 03:07 8. The Only Verse 01:55 9. I'll Dress in Black 01:39 10. Poetry Poetry Poetry 01:28 11. Suck It 06:13 12. Eddie Says My Songs Are Whack 01:57 13. I'm Not Going to Heaven 03:17 14. I Don't Want to Go to Hell 03:58

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