The Bug Club Green Dream In F#

Release date:
April 14, 2023
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Green Dream in F# packs in 14 tracks covering favourite The Bug Club topics including space, small town life, love and swearing. Sam and Tilly’s playing could be virtuosic if they were in any way arrogant, but they’re not, and so well-crafted and at times complex guitar work sits neatly within the sharp song structures that never stick around too long, and backs engaging and, at times, laugh-out-loud funny lyrical storytelling. 1. Only In Love 2. Six O’Clock News 3. Little Coy Space Boy 4. Love is a Painting 5. It’s Art 6. Love For Two 7. My Guy 8. Going Down 9. Yesterday’s Paper 10. Sitting on the Rings of Saturn 11. Christmas Lullaby 12. Love Letters From Jupiter 13. Some Things Sound Better in Space 14. Green Dream in F#

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