The Backseat Lovers Waiting To Spill (Anniversary Edition; Translucent Ruby)

Release date:
November 17, 2023
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The Backseat Lovers - "Waiting To Spill" / The Backseat Lovers release the Anniversary Edition of their 2022 album Waiting To Spill on Capitol Records. The follow-up to the group's acclaimed 2019 debut When We Were Friends features singles "Slowing Down," "Close Your Eyes" and "Growing/Dying." The Anniversary Edition LP includes the same ten tracks on 180gram translucent ruby vinyl along with a photo zine.

  • 1. Silhouette
  • 2. Close Your Eyes
  • 3. Morning in the Aves
  • 4. Growing/Dying
  • 5. Words I Used
  • 6. Snowbank Blues
  • 7. Follow the Sound
  • 8. Slowing Down
  • 9. Know Your Name
  • 10. Viciously Lonely

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