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The Agonist - Orphans

The Agonist


Release date: September 20, 2019
More extreme, more melodic, more exciting and simply larger than life: The Agonist are back! Orphans is the sixth studio album by the extreme metal juggernaut from Quebec, Canada, and the fivepiece has unleashed a true monster feeding on melodic death metal, metalcore and almost rocking moments: There`s beautifully anthemic metalcore like As One We Survive, and on dramatic tracks such as Mr. Cold Vicky Psarakis showcases her impressive range that covers everything from rock diva all the way to sick death metal growls. The result is a flickering, iridescent and varied masterpiece nestled in between sheer brutality and melodic frailty – simply incomparable!
  • 1. In Vertigo
  • 2. As One We Survive
  • 3. The Gift Of Silence
  • 4. Blood As My Guide
  • 5. Cold
  • 6. Dust To Dust
  • 7. A Devil Made Me Do It
  • 8. The Killing I
  • 9. Orphans
  • 10. Burn It All Down
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20 September 2019 / More records