Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Shocking Truth - Ost Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Shocking Truth Original Soundtrack

Release date:
December 9, 2022
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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Shocking Truth' is a documentary film made in 2000 about the making and fallout of the original 1974 TCM film. The film featured Mark Fox's score spliced between interviews with cast members, and was praised by Tobe Hooper, the director and composer for the original film, as well as many others. It is a very unsettling score to listen to, and composer Mark Fox added even more to it for this release.

  • 1. Splatter Pan
  • 2. Subhuman
  • 3. Spasms
  • 4. Meat Pulley
  • 5. Abattoir
  • 6. Chain Dance
  • 7. Chicken Feathers Tape Manipulation
  • 8. Hook & Pull
  • 9. Poulan 306A
  • 10. Bowed
  • 11. Dead
  • 12. Mad and Macabre
  • 13. Hoist

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