Teruko Akatsuki Champon Rumba DJ Yoshizawa dynamite.jp Retouch

Release date:
November 3, 2023
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DJ Yoshizawa dynamite. Jp Showa song retouch project part2A retouch project by DJ Yoshizawa dynamite. Jp, which reinforces the acoustic bass and percussion without spoiling the atmosphere of the original song and reproduces it with 'STEREO' sound quality / sound pressure / editing. The second installment is a 7-inch split board that brings back unknown Latin songs from the 1950s and 1960s to the floor! !On the A side, Teruko Akatsuki, a singer and actress who was active in the 1950s, sang the cheerful rumba song 'Champon Rumba' released in 1952, which was released for the first time on record! The AA side is a Japanese cover of a famous bossa nova song recorded on the B side of the 7-inch record 'Namida no Benibara' released in 1963 by Ukiko Kagurazaka, a geisha singer who has also participated in NHK Kohaku! The 'non-bossa' performance of the Japanese interpretation of the new rhythm 'bossa nova' at the time is also good. (DJ Yoshizawa dynamite. Jp)Tracklisting:Side A: Teruko Akatsuki / Champon Rumba (DJ Yoshizawa dynamite. Jp Retouch)SideB: Ukiko Kagurazaka / Ukiko no Bossa Nova (Desafinado) (DJ Yoshizawa dynamite. Jp Retouch)

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