Territories Colder Now

Release date:
November 3, 2023
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When Calgary, AB punk rockers Territories released their self-titled debut album on Pirates Press Records in 2018, they were a new band with a lot to say and a lot to prove. What a difference five years, and a clutch of the catchiest, best-written, and most thought-provoking punk rock songs makes! In the interim, the band kept busy, with the six song EP When the Day is Done as well as a split with fellow Canadians The Vicious Cycles, but the band have truly outdone themselves with the 11 songs on Colder Now, deftly navigating the waters of the so-called difficult second record with a collection of songs that will blow the minds of longtime fans and newcomers alike. This is a band that pours their hearts and their minds into both their music and lyrics, tackling big issues, but always articulated from a relatable, personal perspective that acts as a rallying cry and a beacon of hope for everyone who feels alienated by modern society. The world is unfortunately still a dangerous place, but for those who dare to dream of something better, there is solace in the fact that Territories are back to give voice to those dreams with Colder Now. Available now from Pirates Press Records on 12 Neon Orange

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