Tengger Tengger

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September 29, 2023
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TENGGER return with their self-titled 13th album to be released by We Are Busy Bodies on September 29th. The album represents an opportunity for the globetrotting family trio to explore their origins. TENGGER means ultimate expanded sky in Mongolian. The album finds TENGGER accepting the mood of the world, using the motion of wind and waves as sonic inspiration. TENGGER’s interest in cosmology reflects in their outlook and lyrical approach. In their words “the sound starts from the breaking dawn and circulates around until the night sky and the milky way.” Opening single "PANAPTU" offers a reverent respect to "the earth and the sky", the band write. "The sun, the rain, and the things that grow on the ground make up our bodies and soul. Both can be compared to a mirror. Humanity (on the earth) looks up at the sky; the sky looks at us Illuminate each other and influence each other. Change is happening every moment." (lyrics and English translation) 무엇인가를 찾고 있다면 if you are looking for something 무언가 역시 우리를 찾고 something is also looking for us 서로를 비추는 Illuminate each other "PANAPTU" refers to a traditional Tungusic Shamanic metal mirror, and also their ancient observatory. PANA translates to "shadow of the soul", and PTU to "bowl to hold the shadow". The relationship between the PANA and PTU is like that between a lamp or starlight and a mirror. TENGGER will support their new album with Australian and North American tour dates this fall. 1. TWILIGHT 2. AQUARIUS 3. PANAPTU 4. STARDUST 5. VORTEX 6. EUNHASU

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