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Television Personalities - And Don't The Kids Just Love It

Television Personalities

And Don't The Kids Just Love It

Release date: June 05, 2020
30th anniversary edition
Label: Fire Records
Format: Colored Vinyl
Syle: Rock
Limited edition, red vinyl edition, 500 only. Single sleeve, download card included. Ahead of its time, 'And Don't The Kids Just Love It' was Television Personalities' influential debut album released in 1981 and features 'I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives'. The legendary lo-fi release sees them produce British inspired 60s pop and post-punk that captured the period and 'sounds remarkably prescient' (Pitchfork's Best 100 albums of the 1980s). With the formidable Daniel Treacy at its core, Television Personalities remain one of new wave's longest serving and seminal artists with a career spanning over three decades. The indie visionaries directly influenced virtually every major pop uprising of the period including artists as diverse as The Jesus and Mary Chain, Pavement and Creation's Alan McGee. 'They provided the inspiration and motivation for me to start the label.' Alan McGee, Creation Records. // 'A remarkably influential album that holds up extremely well.' Allmusic. // \Pressed on red vinyl.
  • 1. This Angry Silence
  • 2. The Glittering Prizes
  • 3. World Of Pauline Lewis
  • 4. A Family Affair
  • 5. Silly Girl
  • 6. Diary Of A Young Man
  • 7. Geoffrey Ingram
  • 8. I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives
  • 9. Jackanory Stories
  • 10. Parties In Chelsea
  • 11. La Grande Illusion
  • 12. A Picture Of Dorian Gray
  • 13. The Crying Room
  • 14. Look Back In Anger
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05 June 2020 / More records