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Tecwaa - Elysian On Moon Lake


Elysian On Moon Lake

Release date: August 12, 2022
Hoga Nord Rekords kindly welcomes Teecwa back to the label, following up his last full length-album 'Beyond the Altai' with 'Elysian on Moon Lake'. He is still exploring the intersections between house, electro, techno and dub and once again he manages to harness the analogue electronics in his machines to produce modern psychedelia.'Elysian On Moon Lake' is rawer, less airy, and not as sparkling as his last album. This is a tighter, and slightly darker experience than Teecwa's previous work, maybe caused by being in quarantine for extensive time during production, letting some of the dreaminess aside for the harsher reality in a pandemic world. Still, you get a mind-altering experience in a lot of tracks since the album starts off in a lighter tone than how it later develops. Switching from the A- to the B-side works as a rite of passage going from dusk to night; the sun rays through the blinders are replaced by neon light dancing on the walls and ceiling.Regarding the dramaturgy of 'Elysian On Moon Lake', this album has movie-like qualities; a well-directed piece from the opening impact and setup through the confrontational part where intensity builds up to the climax in 'Hythmdoser' to the cooling down effect of the peaceful closer 'Celestial Trails'. The trip eventually ends up in a safe and happy place after the cathartic finale.
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12 August 2022 / More records