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Tamar Aphek - All Bets Are Off

Tamar Aphek

All Bets Are Off

Release date: January 20, 2023
Label: Exag' Records
Repress.Tamar Aphek is one of the prominent faces of contemporary rock in the Israeli rock scene, and has been crowned "Israel's guitar goddess" (Timeout Tel-Aviv). She is the creator of the "Besides That" music festival, and contributed the musical soundtrack to the film " One Week And A Day," which won the Gan Foundation Award at Cannes Film Festival.In the process of writing and recording her new album, Aphek becamefascinated at the idea of combining musical sounds and stylings she feltweren't being incorporated by other artists. "I wanted to infuse rhythmsinto rock and roll that I wasn't hearing elsewhere," Aphek explains. "Iwanted to write a Johnny Cash style song, but then dress it upin crazyMax Roach style drumming or Ethiopian rhythms. I was getting akickout of hearing something that could sound like a catchy indiesong, butwith a strange reggae kind of feeling."Tamar Aphek is joined by band members Uri Kutner (Bass) and Yuval Garin (Drums).
  • 1. Crossbow
  • 2. Russian Winter
  • 3. Show Me Your Pretty Side
  • 4. All I Know
  • 5. Drive
  • 6. Too Much Information
  • 7. Beautiful Confusion
  • 8. Nothing Can Surprise Me
  • 9. As Time Goes By
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