T-Bone Walker STrollin' With Tebow: 1940-50

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November 3, 2023
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T-Bone Walker, born Aaron Thibeaux Walker in 1910, was without doubt one of the most influential guitarists in the history of the blues. There were few electric guitarists in the '60s blues boom who did not owe Walker some kind of stylistic debt. He is believed to have been the first to begin amplifying his instrument around the end of the 1930s, and he developed a lead guitar style, sound and technique which reverberates across the rock landscape decades later. Luminaries such as B.B King cite him as a primary influence, and legends of later years - Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan and many others - take part of their inspiration at least directly or indirectly from Walker and his work. Being a prolific recording artist, this collection celebrates Walker's individuality by homing in on his best-selling, most popular and influential tunes from this career defining decade including T-Bone Blues, Bobby Sox Blues, Call It Stormy Monday, Description Blues and Strollin' With Bones. It hits home just how pioneering he was in this decade and why he is seen to have changed the blues landscape forever.

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