Syzygy Anchor And Adjust (Transparent)

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November 18, 2022
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Anchor and Adjust is the debut album from, Australian synth-pop duo Syzygy; Rebecca Maher and Gus Kenny both formerly of beloved Melbourne synth-punk band Spotting. This new project explores a more unadulterated electronic aesthetic combined with an unabashed pop sensibility. “Gus was listening to a lot of 80s synth music and minimal wave, while Bec was deep into mainstream 80s pop divas and new wave.” The resultant album sits at a crossroads of genre. The melodies of new wave pop meet the synth tones of 80’s coldwave, the vocal dynamics of post-punk and the DIY ethos and raw edges of punk. Layered synths twist and weave. Featuring celestial, emotive vocals, the album is often bright and upbeat, danceable, but also moody, thoughtful and clever. It is sparkling and edgy electronic pop. The album’s lyrics explore the power dynamics in relationships, including the relationship with yourself. It is about control and being controlled. Attempts to unravel years of ingrained behaviour and decision making to try and see the world another way. It yearns for clarity, asking questions and searching for definitions to try to understand what is perception, what is manipulation and what is truth. “I was speaking to myself, through myself. Both aware of having these feelings and disconnected from how they were making me feel. Making this record allowed me to create order and meaning. It was both my wake up call and my pep talk for changes I desperately needed in my life.” Rebecca Maher GENRE : Synth-pop, Electronic, Darkwave RIYL : Nuovo Testamento, The Human League, NUN, Martin Dupont, Linea Aspera, Boy Harsher, RIKI, Patience , Desire, Geneva Jacuzzi, Yazoo, Depeche Mode. 1. Justice or Mercy 2. Memory Distortion 3. Soothe 4. Social Fence 5. Balance Disorder 6. Anchor and Adjust 7. Escalation 8. The Pendulum 9. Cracked Mirror 10. Reorder 11. (I’ll Just Be) Unfulfilled

  • 1. Livin' Was Easy - The Glands
  • 2. Nickel To Roll - Jucifer
  • 3. Pie Pan - Empire State
  • 4. Hat Trick - Vaudeville
  • 5. Mama's Door - Jack Logan
  • 6. Better Days - Dayroom
  • 7. Bucket Brigade - Hayride
  • 8. Gravity - Slackdaddy
  • 9. Gabby Pants - Planet Jive
  • 10. Goner - The Lures
  • 11. Them Or Me - Cafeteria
  • 12. 3rd Time Takes Its Toll - Jennifer Goree
  • 13. Oh Surgery - Mike Mantione
  • 14. Oppression For A Poet - Michael
  • 15. 2 Small Stones - David Barbe
  • 16. Tapping Out Code - Wunderkind
  • 17. Subtle Deliberate Drone - Drip
  • 18. Both Our Towns - Star Room Boys

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