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Switched On Snes - A Link To The Past Extended Edition

Switched On Snes

A Link To The Past Extended Edition

Release date: December 27, 2019
Format: LP Album
Introducing a new extended version of A Link to the Past - now with hand constructed cover art and 17 tracks! The original edition is only around 15 minutes long, but this new extended version is 40 minutes and incorporates many new dark world and dungeon tracks. 'After selling out of the original vinyl, I decided to revisit the original recordings and flesh out a longer and more fulfilling version. This new version has 17 tracks with a runtime of around 40 minutes long. This release comes in three different translucent color variants - Green Rupee, Blue Rupee, and Red Rupee. The cover art may look the same, but for this edition, I meticulously recreated the art using construction paper (similar to the Secret of Mana cover) for both the front and back. Because the vinyl is a large format, you can see the subtle imperfections/glue on the art piece. ' Vinyl should start shipping around November 10th, but if there are any problems with the test pressing, this could get delayed - hopefully that doesn't happen. Vinyl comes with a new sticker and insert poster!
  • 1. Intro
  • 2. Opening
  • 3. Light World
  • 4. Kakariko Village
  • 5. Lost Woods
  • 6. Master Sword
  • 7. Fairy Fountain
  • 8. Hyrule Castle
  • 9. Light World Dungeon
  • 10. Dark World
  • 11. Sanctuary
  • 12. Dark World Dungeon
  • 13. Dark Mountain
  • 14. Zelda Rescue
  • 15. Crystal
  • 16. Triforce
  • 17. Ending
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27 December 2019 / More records