Svalbard The Weight Of The Mask (Crystal Clear & Black Marble)

Release date:
October 6, 2023
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You'd be forgiven for struggling to summarize the sound of Svalbard. Since forming in 2011, the band have had their hands in black metal, post-rock, d-beat, shoegaze, hardcore, and post-metal. Whilst their music stubbornly refuses to fit neatly into one genre, one word remains a fitting adjective for the British quartet: unique. Written in the band's freezing cold rehearsal room in Bristol, The Weight of the Mask did not come together painlessly. With a fourth album now under their belts, Svalbard are going from strength to strength. Crystal Clear & Black Marble LP

  • 1. Faking It
  • 2. Eternal Spirits
  • 3. Defiance
  • 4. November
  • 5. Lights Out
  • 6. How to Swim Down
  • 7. Be My Tomb
  • 8. Pillar in the Sand
  • 9. To Wilt Beneath the Weight

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