Suppression Piritual Sepsis

Release date:
May 10, 2024
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Suppression has been eroding eardrums since '92 and are one of the OG power violence mainstays of the east coast. The band has put out over fifty releases out into the world with a vast quantity of those are splits. In the last number of years, the band released the absolutely crushing full length LP Placebo Reality. Fast forward seven years to 2024 and we are graced with a brand new twenty-four song full length titled Spiritual Sepsis. This seventeen-minute album really takes what they put onto the BASTARD NOISE collaboration and hones in that MITB/BN/Eric Wood psychosis sound but with the frantic accuracy we know Jason Hodge can deliver on the bass. If you're less familiar with this band, they are a two-piece and a pure whirlwind of anxiety and ADHD exploding onto the stage. The other piece of the band is Ryan Parrish on drums who has also been in such acts as DARKEST HOUR, CITY OF CATERPILLAR, IRON REAGAN, and MAMMOTH GRINDER. Suppression is a band who are super important to the extreme hardcore punk scene, they have innovated throughout the years and really developed their own sound, and we are more than happy to present you with their most exciting full length to date.

  • 1. Transposed
  • 2. Eating Each Other Alive/ Pestilent/ Fecalized
  • 3. Morgue Eaters
  • 4. Recreational Genocide
  • 5. Estate
  • 6. Cop Out
  • 7. Toilet Diatribes of the Morally Bankrupt
  • 8. Split Wig
  • 9. Hulking Ominous
  • 10. Log Out
  • 11. Neurotoxins
  • 12. Wraith Wrath
  • 13. the Face Beneath
  • 14. Labyrinthine Catacombs Beneath the Cataclysmic Plane
  • 15. Hot Take
  • 16. Wind Bag
  • 17. Absolutes
  • 18. Unhooded
  • 19. Infiltrate
  • 20. Air Raid
  • 21. Talking Lips
  • 22. Spiritual Sepsis
  • 23. Vampire Family/ Morons Fucking
  • 24. Fractured Landscape

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