Super American Gangster of Love

Release date:
May 31, 2024
Pre-order vinyl:

Blue vinyl. Since forming in Western New York in 2016, Feeley and his musical partner Matt Cox have blurred the line between absurdism and existentialism, swirling '90s melodicism, new-millennium pop-punk energy, and heartfelt emo into a wry, smirking rock sound. Now, on their third album, GANGSTER OF LOVE (Wax Bodega), the duo let their melting pot sonic palette go further than ever, exploring the outer edges of their musical spectrums. Produced by Sam Guaiana (Neck Deep, Bayside), Gangster of Love follows 2021's SUP and 2018's Tequila Sunrise and found the duo fleeing Buffalo for Los Angeles, where the push and pull between the two songwriters - the real magic at the heart of Super American - was allowed to flourish and grow in a brand-new environment.

  • 1. Momma, I'm Gonna Be a Star
  • 2. Manager Haircut
  • 3. Mental Karate
  • 4. Okay. Eat Me Alive
  • 5. Hopefully Pitchfork Doesn't Hear This
  • 6. Drowning
  • 7. Limerence II
  • 8. Idwlg
  • 9. Toxxxic Bloodstream
  • 10. Who's Gonna Get Me High?
  • 11. Ugly Cryin' with My Dog
  • 12. Admirer
  • 13. Altima Song

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