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Sunset Rollercoaster -Cassa Nova

Sunset Rollercoaster

Cassa Nova

Release date: December 06, 2019
Syle: Rock
Sunset Rollercoaster is one of the largest independent rock bands in Asia. In preparation for their upcoming USA tour, the band is excited to share their catalog to the United States and Europe for the first time via Redeye distribution. A 6-piece band from Taiwan, Sunset Rollercoaster is responsible for introducing a new psychedelic/soul sound to Asia. Because of their 80s style of breezy and chilled out music and their incredibly romantic live performances, fans have nicknamed the band's genre as 'pregnant rock.
  • 1.Almost Mature '87
  • 2.Greedy
  • 3.Cool of Lullaby
  • 4.Angel Disco Love
  • 5.Slow
  • 6.Oriental
  • 7.Summum Bonum
  • 8.Libidream
  • 9.10-Year-Taipei (Matured '17)
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06 December 2019 / More records