Sunborn Sunborn

Release date:
October 20, 2023
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Debut album by Sunborn (formerly The KutiMangoes!)On their first album as Sunborn, the Danish 6-piece digs into what connects us as human beings: we are all born under the same sun and are connected by the same forces of nature. Meeting the world and connecting through music has been a vital mission for our band from day one, and again and again on our travels we have experienced how music can cross borders, build bridges and connect us with people from different backgrounds and cultures in shared experiences. In times when the world is tearing itself apart it is clear that music has the power to reach across divides and remind us of our common humanity. Sunborn's self-titled ablum features collaborations with artists from all over the world: Caio Marcio (BR), Ida Nielsen/Bassida (DK), BIGYUKI (JP/US), DJ Opolopo (S), Clap! Clap! (I) & Moderator (G).Tracklisting:

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