Subsonics Good Violence

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February 16, 2024
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After grumbling for 30 years waiting for the first two albums from Atlanta's SUBSONICS to appear on ourpreferred long playing format, we delinquents at Slovenly Recordings have taken the matter into our ownleathery clutches and proudly present the first ever vinyl versions of 'Subsonics' (1992) and 'GoodViolence' (1993). Criminally overlooked due to being CD only releases at the time - anyone who wasanyone in those days was still stuck on *records* during the world's biggest boom of slick digital coasters- these feculent works of pure derelict attitude are a sorely needed reminder of just how fucking COOL therock still rolled at the dawn of it's death, and prove that SUBSONICS - if you've been paying attention -remain consistent in their execution.A Subsonics mention in the same breath as the era's most revered luminaries is crucial to thegarage-rock conversation due to their unique take and attack on the teenbeat tongue, whether theyconsider themselves to be a component of the scene, or as outsiders making catchy and cleverbang-shang-a-lang for their own inside kicks. Either way, our ATL heroes are playing the same stage, andthey aren't particularly concerned if you missed the set... that's our job. Here they are in 2023, exhumedat their most frantic, and they've never been more exalted.TRACKLISTVoodoo Doll, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Dime a Dance Girl, Rain on You, Good Violence, Drowning in Tears,Weird World of Coffin Joe, John's Car, No Such Animal, Carnival, Dangerous When Screaming or Silent,Money Greases Everything, It's Always Late, She Didn't Know it Would Hurt so Bad, Mumbly Peg, BadPlace, Accident

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