Subsignal A Song For The Homeless - Live In Russelsheim 2019

Release date:
May 22, 2020
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With their live album "A Song for the Homeless - Live in Rüsselsheim 2019" Subsignal prove impressively that after six studio albums they have matured enough musically (and conceptually) to make an authentic and impressive live album. They did not succumb to the temptation to play the musically complex material live on stage as perfectly as possible and as close to the studio sound as possible. The setlist of "A Song for the Homeless - Live in Rüsselsheim 2019" reflects Subsignal's diverse musical facets, ranging from innovative progressive rock to AOR and metal to pop. Determining elements of Subsignal's music are a certain melancholy paired with virtuosity, emotional melodic passages and a deep understanding of complex arrangements. "A Song for the Homeless - Live in Rüsselsheim 2019" contains some songs from "La Muerta", but also songs from older albums, such as the opener "Touchstones" from the 2011 album of the same name or "The Sea". Even a complex piece like "The Passage" with it's many different parts, acoustic guitars and Dirk Brand's drum solo is performed with ease by the band and is one of the absolute highlights of the album.

  • 1. Touchstones (Live)
  • 2. Ashes of Summer (Live)
  • 3. The Bells of Lyonesse (Live)
  • 4. The Sea (Live)
  • 5. Walking with Ghosts (Live)
  • 6. Even Though the Stars Don't Shine (Live)
  • 7. The Passage (Live)
  • 8. La Muerta (Live)
  • 9. My Sanctuary (Live)
  • 10. Time and Again (Live)
  • 11. Paraiso (Live)
  • 12. Paradigm (Live)

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