Subsignal A Poetry Of Rain

Release date:
November 3, 2023
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The scene is dominated by a grey, atmospheric and dense late autumn day. Much too soon, the sky has darkened. Now rain pelts down uniformly and regularly on the streets, on the earth, on the morose-looking people. This is how one imagines the atmosphere in which the sixth Subsignal studio album "A Poetry of Rain" was created. The "predecessor" "La Muerta" is a kind of contrast and requires much more familiarity from the listener. "A Poetry of Rain", on the other hand, is new territory for everyone involved. This album is also inspired by ancient legends, which are transferred into the modern age. In the rock song "The Art of Giving In", the Icarus myth features prominently. The over-confidence of mankind, it's hubris... losses and goodbyes are also addressed. For five seemingly endless years, Subsignal kept their followers waiting for new acoustic sound adventures. "And that again had to do with the pandemic," reveals Markus Steffen the reason for the excruciatingly long break. "Existential anxieties crept in," he reflects. "As a result, long-time bassist Ralf Schwager left the band. With Martijn Horsten from Rotterdam, however, a worthy replacement was quickly found. Nevertheless, the ten songs are full of longing and a good portion of melancholy. "According to Markus Steffen, Subsignal want to present "interesting song structures that are always transparent at the same time. " Furthermore, according to Steffen, "when composing, it's like a kind of trance at the push of a button. So I don't necessarily have to be in a sad mood to immortalise sad songs on paper. A special atmosphere is enough for me to conjure up the film of a classic Subsignal piece in my mind. It is precisely this unusual approach that makes our formation so original. "Tracklisting:1. A Poetry of Rain 01:112. The Art of Giving In 05:153. Marigold 05:094. Sliver (The Sheltered Garden) 05:525. Impasse 06:226. Embers Part II: Water Wings 06:177. Melencolia One 05:498. A Wound is a Place to let the Light in 05:329. The Last of it's Kind 06:44 10. A Room on the Edge of Forever 04:13 (Bonustrack, nur auf CD & Streaming)

  • 1. A Poetry of Rain
  • 2. The Art of Giving in
  • 3. Marigold
  • 4. Sliver (The Sheltered Garden)
  • 5. Impasse
  • 6. Embers Part II: Water Wings
  • 7. Melencolia One
  • 8. A Wound Is a Place to Let the Light in
  • 9. The Last of It's Kind

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