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Stray - O.s.t. - Stray Original Soundtrack

Stray - O.s.t.

Stray Original Soundtrack (2xLP)

Release date: May 05, 2023
Label: Iam8Bit
Stray's decaying cybercity is made up of dense, neon-tinted narrow alleys populated by all manner of eccentric robotic denizens, an unwelcoming environment for a lone tabby of little stature.For the game's soundtrack, composer Yann Van Der Cruyssen captured that central idea - seeing a desolate cyberpunk metro from the eyes of an unassuming feline - and translated it into a synthy soundscape, filled with reverberating chords and driving, pulsing drum beats, punctuated by unexpected and welcome moments of instrumental whimsy.Collaborating with developer BlueTwelve Studios and Annapurna Interactive, iam8bit is proud to present, for your listening pleasure, the soundtrack to Stray on audiophile-approved 180g black vinyl, across a two-disc set. It's packaged in appropriately atmospheric album art from Fernando Correa, complete with foil embellishments.Even the smallest feline is a masterpiece of nature - and we hope you find this album to be a worthy tribute to our furry friends.
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