SticklerPhonics Technicolor Ghost Parade (Midnight Blue)

Release date:
May 3, 2024
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SticklerPhonics explores a world of brass ‘n’ skin on debut album Technicolor Ghost Parade featuring drummer Scott Amendola, trombonist Danny Lubin-Laden and tenor saxophonist Raffi Garabedian. The trio revels “in a situation where there’s no bass and no chords,” Amendola says. “Our sound is ever evolving and there’s a feeling we can go anywhere.” Technicolor Ghost Parade plunges into the unmediated terrain that opens up in the absence of the usual guidelines, the trio revels “in a situation where there’s no bass and no chords." The band is a volatile combo that draws on a vast continuum of jazz practices, from traditional jazz polyphony and ambient soundscapes to funk and free jazz. The trio can generate fierce grooves and render through-composed pieces with the textural acuity of a chamber ensemble. The canny use of electronics expands their sonic palette to the horizon.

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