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November 17, 2023
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What is in a song? Why write songs? Make several songs in to an album and a higher meaning might reveal itself. Make two albums years apart from the same coil of rope and time might just be a revelator. Make a third and it becomes evident that it was not just an event or two in time, it was a large proportion of a life. It might just have been life itself. The term trilogy is not much in use these days, but Amputation, Redundance and SOTT must be seen together. Not as concept albums as such, but as time stamped images of life. Where Amputation exploded Redundance came to clean up the mess. After years of turmoil and change; SOTT comes to town with it's hammer and bucket of nails for the coffin. SOTT is unapologetically honest in that respect. Where Amputation and Redundance might have been subtle, SOTT tells it like it is. In sickness and in health, you are what you are. This ends here. This LP is pressed on 140 gram transparent orange vinyl and includes a 4 page insert.

  • 1. Suffer and Behold (Prelude)
  • 2. Suffer and Behold
  • 3. Fire
  • 4. Sott
  • 5. I Am a Sailor (Lost at Sea)
  • 6. It Shows (Mother)
  • 7. (While All the Children Sing) I Am a Sailor
  • 8. (Never Gonna Make It Out of Here) Alive
  • 9. Neverending Story

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