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Steve Bates - All The Things That Happen

Steve Bates

All The Things That Happen

Release date: September 23, 2022
Label: Constellation
Steve Bates is an artist and musician known for his work with post-rock ensemble Black Seas Ensemble, duos with Timothy Herzog and Sophie Trudeau of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, amongst others, as well as a series of digital-only sonic explorations on his own label, The Dim Coast. All The Things That Happen is his first full-length album for Constellation. For this album, Bates pursued a more stripped down exploration of the noisier terrain of the cheap timbre and tonality of the much-loved Casio SK-1 keyboard sampler. These sounds were fed through a variety of electronics, effects, amps, cassettes recorders to shift into their current form heard on these tracks. Steve notes that all the tracks started off as ambient, "but I always kept reaching for more texture and noise." Getting reacquainted with the Casio SK-1 was the initial focus on developing the music here. Processed and manipulated during the recording and mixing stages, these initial SK-1 sessions became the foundation of this body of music. Working within the rich world of experimental electronics, these tracks have a core melodicism to them and maybe even a melancholy, as distortion and overtones saturate and spray the music in various directions, while feeling whole and integrated as a body of sound.
  • 1. Groves of... Everything!
  • 2. These Problems Are Multiplied By the Difficulty I Have in Front of a Tape Recorder
  • 3. Glistening
  • 4. Covered in Silt and Weed
  • 5. Destroy the Palace
  • 6. Glimpse An End
  • 7. Bring on Black Flames
  • 8. We Do Not, Nor to Hide
  • 9. September Through September
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