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Stephanie Lottermoser - Independence

Stephanie Lottermoser


Release date: January 27, 2023
Label: Leopard
Jazz is an allegory of life. It is true for both that achieving independence is a long process. This is the story of IN-DEPENDENCE. Stephanie Lottermoser's new album is about the aspiration for independence in all aspects of life. Finding your own voice, to deal with setbacks, and to generate strength from those experiences: Complete independence is virtually impossible. We are all part of certain structures and operate within them. This already starts in our childhood. There are dependencies in social systems such as school, university or training and in all interpersonal relationships in general - and these pervade our entire lives. Nevertheless, independence is something very special that must be attained time and again and defended against various odds. To achieve it justifies the efforts associated with this struggle. When it comes to music, Stephanie Lottermoser has always consequently freed up space to develop her own unique and recognizable language. Already the opener Love Again makes it clear: This is Stephanie Lottermoser. Stylistically she stays true to her distinctive synthesis of jazz, soul, funk, and pop - which is already known from her previous album Hamburg. At best I try to develop by refining my own sound and to free myself from the expectations of others. The result: Eleven songs with clean compositional lines, catchy melodies, emotionality and subtle virtuosity, far removed from academic sobriety and affinity for technology. Or to put it in other words, Stephanie Lottermoser deliberately scales down and frees up space. Another step towards independence. Reduction and transparency play an important role in the compositions of IN-DEPENDENCE. One goal was to render all subtle compositional components audible. During the making of this album, she has taken charge of everything, from the selection of the musicians to the actual production. I
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