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Steamhammer - Wailing Again


Wailing Again

Release date: September 23, 2022
British blues-rock band STEAMHAMMER was formed at the end of 1968 by Martin Quittenton (guitar), Kieran White (vocals, harmonica, guitar), Martin Pugh (guitar), Steve Davy (bass) and Michael Rushton (drums). Their first album Reflections (AKA Junior's Wailing) was released in 1969. Pete Sears played piano on this album before he joined Rod Stewart on his four early classic recordings. Pugh also played on Rod Stewart's first solo album, The Rod Stewart Album (AKA An Old Raincoat Would Never Let You Down) with Ron Wood, Mickey Waller, Martin Quittenton and Keith Emerson. After Reflections, Quittenton and Rushton both quit the band to be replaced by Mick Bradley (drums) and Steve Joliffe (sax, flute), who gave a jazzy influence to the band in their second album, Mk. II (1969). Shortly after this release, Joliffe left the band, which continued as a 4 piece in their third album Mountains (1970), which was a returning to the blues-rock of the first album. After a major turnover, Pugh and Bradley invited Louis Cennamo (bass) and, along with special guest Garth Watt-Roy (vocals), recorded Speech in 1971. This last album was released posthumously, after Bradley's death in 1972. Now, exactly 50 years after the release of Speech and 53 years after Pugh and Sears collaborated on the band's first LP, Steamhammer will release a new album, Wailing Again. Featuring beside 1968 founder member Martin Pugh (guitars) and Pete Sears (bass, keys & background vocals), member of Jefferson Starship from 1974 to 1987, Manfred Mann's Earth Band - drummer John Lingwood, who joined Steamhammer in 1972, and Phil Colombatto (vocals & harmonica).
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