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Status / Non Status - Surely Travel

Status / Non Status

Surely Travel

Release date: September 23, 2022
Status/Non-Status have spent untold hours gazing out the passenger side windows of a succession of band vans, watching the country go by. That feeling of observing from a moving object, being somehow both in a place and outside of it, looking in, is what the band captures on Surely Travel. The album is a travelogue; a series of snapshots, rooted in history and landscape but relentlessly looking forward, through the windshield, straining to see what might be waiting just around the next bend in the road. Surely Travel trades the band’s long-established sludgy, heavy sound (as heard on 2019’s Polaris Prize nominated album Warrior Down, released under the band’s previous name Whoop-Szo) for a bold musical clarity and powerfully narrative lyrics, intense truth seeking, and a heart on the sleeve expression. Status/Non-Status follow up the 1,2,3,4,500 Years EP and Ombiigizi, band-leader Adam Sturgeon’s collaboration with Zoon, with the anthemic and powerful Surely Travel. Blown Tire Has It Been So Long Mashkiki Sunset Mainly Crows Bineshiinh Travelogue When They Were What Am I To Do North Adelaide Surely Travel
  • 1. Nothing To Say
  • 2. Codeine
  • 3. Stay Awake
  • 4. Goonesbury Pie & Sourmash
  • 5. Shine
  • 6. Love Leave Me On The Ground
  • 7. One Of These Days
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