Starving Wolves The Fire, The Wolf, The Fang

Release date:
May 3, 2024
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Confronting the dark corners of our world with unflinching defiance comes Austin, Texas's own Starving Wolves to flip the sound of punk upside down with their new LP The Fire, The Wolf, The Fang. The kickoff track Nothing More opens with guitars and horns paying homage to traditional Mexican and Latin American music and is soon joined by militaristic drums, evoking images of a coming showdown in a spaghetti western film. Then singer & lyricist David Rodriguez kicks into a raging punk rock fury by tearing his throat raw singing for the downtrodden of the world: Raised in fear! Bathed in blood! Crucified, we are reborn! It sets an apocalyptic tone for a raw, relentless punk rock record that confronts widespread social issues like police brutality (Burn the Stations), support for those struggling with their mental health or facing suicidal ideation (Please Listen), and personal issues of cultural identity (Mixed Blood). In the latter, Rodriguez draws upon his Mexican-American heritage, singing in both English and Spanish to articulate his experience to speakers of both languages, connecting racism faced by young people to the brutal history of colonialism in the Americas. In releasing songs from the record, Starving Wolves have literally put their money where their mouths are, donating to efforts to support mental health for indigenous youth by building skate parks on reservation land, and providing a positive athletic and creative outlet for kids in vulnerable populations. Forceful & dark, yet with an undying spirit of resilience, the journey of The Fire, The Wolf, The Fang is ultimately a cathartic experience, and a scream of survival and hope for those left behind in a world that can feel bleak.

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