Spells Past Our Prime

Release date:
August 9, 2024
Pre-order vinyl:

At the core of the new SPELLS album lies a tension between a band that exudes hunger, inspiration, and pride, while also being acutely aware that life is catching up on them - hence the album's title. It is a lively and energetic affair that captures the essence of their live performances. SPELLS undeniably are a tight knit unit that, with joined forces, becomes something greater and more impactful than the sum of its individual parts - not unlike a fireworks display orchestrated by a bunch of self-professed amateurs who set their own rules. The punk rock is raw, unfiltered on Past Our Prime and comes with a guaranteed good time. SPELLS often describe themselves as vacation rock and garage punk, but recently embraced the label of hardcore for dorks. We try to prove the accuracy of the hardcore for dorks tag with every live show we play and any new music we put out.

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