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Speedy - Much Too Young To Rock'n'roll


Much Too Young To Rock'n'roll

Release date: September 24, 2021
Now also available on vinyl! At the end of the seventies, The Teens were on a triumphal march and dominated youth magazines like „Bravo“. Of course, it didn’t take long before they had competition. Speedy were a real band, that were discovered playing music in their rehearsal room. A little later, the first single "Willy Is Back" was produced by Didi Zill (Birth Control, The Nighthawks), who was also known as a photographer for Bravo. The band made it without any detours to Ilya Richer's cult programme „Disco“. This led to the band‘s first and unfortunately only LP "Much Too Young To Rock'n'Roll" and the epynymous single with the banger "Fight Like A Fighter" on the B-side. Both tracks made it to TV again (a holiday show with Karl Dall and for the second time the show Disco) - Speedy became highly requested! Speedy were approached by a well-known American management to go on tour as support for Def Leppard. But this chance for an absolute breakthrough was taken away from the still underage musicians, as their parents were not enthusiastic about the idea and forbade this step. This was also the end of Speedy. Or almost the end, because in 1982 one last single was still released under the name Speed, which included a cover version of Free and the song "Hurt Your Feelings". This song shows that Speed(y) would have had what it takes to step out of the image of the Bravo teenage band. He is on par with many melodic heavy acts like Def Leppard in their early days. Therefore, the first re-release of the LP and all single tracks is now presented on the hard rock/metal label Golden Core. Of course, the fans "from back then" will get their money's worth, but also today's lovers of straight composed heavy songs (NWOBHM, various German 80s acts) will get their money's worth. By the way, Speedy dared a new start, but the reunion was slowed down a bit by Corona. It will definitely be extremely interesting to see what the three gentlemen, who have been active in regional bands in recent years and have therefore never forgotten how to rock, will have to offer!
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24 September 2021 / More records