Sparkling We Are Here To Make You Feel

Release date:
November 17, 2023
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Clear Color Vinyl. The irresistible rush that comes from listening to Sparkling's music is intoxicating. The Cologne-formed trio's second album We Are Here To Make You Feel is a glimmeringwidescreen world where emotions are writ large, the group dealing in rousing choruses, twinkling synth toplines and an incessant desire to keep things propelling forward at pace. "We Are Here To Make You Feel is an album about the importance of expressing your emotions" the group say. "It's about love in every kind of way. Love for your friends, lovers and family. It's a reminder to tell your loved ones that you love them. On this record, we wanted to say that in the most honest and straightforward way possible."

  • 1. We Are Here to Make You Feel
  • 2. Hey Hey Hey
  • 3. I Love You So
  • 4. I Get Sad So Easily
  • 5. One Day
  • 6. I Want to Go to France
  • 7. Here for a Reason
  • 8. It's All Fine
  • 9. Don't Let Go
  • 10. I Feel So High (With You By My Side)

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