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July 14, 2023
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With over two decades of experience and 13 full length original albums under their belt, Spangle Call Lilli Line are hardly the starry-eyed young post rockers who released their self-titled debut in 2001. Over the years, they've incorporated elements of R&B, electronica, new wave, and a variety of other genres into their music, allowing their music to transform with the times - a rich reflection of a band that is constantly open to change. Spangle Call Lilli Line's 14th original album, Ampersand, sees the band returning to a sound reminiscent of their early albums. Mellow and minimal at the same time, the album is undoubtedly a result of the path that Spangle Call Lilli Line have taken - but with familiar faces such as Jin Yoshida (salon music) producing, it's immediately clear that Ampersand is a return to their roots. Lead singles "ira", "lean forward", and "near you -z mix" are featured prominently in the album, creating sonic contrasts that allow for the finer details of Spangle Call Lilli Line's music to shine. The album is filled with earworms that betray a level of sophistication only made possible by the 20+ years of experience that Spangle Call Lilli Line have. Pressed on limited edition vinyl, P-VINE is proud to be releasing Spangle Call Lilli Line's Ampersand.

  • 1. Ira
  • 2. Suddenly
  • 3. Btica
  • 4. Am
  • 5. She Is
  • 6. Lean Forward
  • 7. Chroma
  • 8. Reillin
  • 9. PM
  • 10. Near You-Z-Mix

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