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Souls Of Diotima - Janas

Souls Of Diotima


Release date: December 23, 2022
SOULS OF DIOTIMA come back with their new album Janas, the second chapter of a journey that began with the previous album, The Sorceress Reveals - Atlantis. 'Janas' tells the stories and legends of the band's land, Sardinia. The island is full of wonderful mythological tales and characters, of esoteric stories that are often macabre, but which portray a truly fascinating historical and cultural journey. SOULS OF DIOTIMA is a band with a unique style, featuring recognizable elements of traditional, progressive and symphonic metal, as well as unconventional elements, woven together musically in a powerfully expressive new way. Their style recalls Mediterranean atmospheres and traditions, and you can call it Mediterranean Metal. In summary, 'Janas' talks about these stories, about us, and about the Earth we have been walking on since we were born.
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