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Sole And Dj Pain 1 - No God Nor Country

Sole And Dj Pain 1

No God Nor Country

Release date: January 10, 2020
Label: Fake Four Inc
No God Nor Country is Sole's 8th solo studio album and a sequel to Sole and DJ Pain 1's 2016 album 'Nihilismo.' Sole is a co-founder of the legendary Anticon label, and last year as Vice noted, Sole is 'a pioneer of underground avant-garde rap.' No God Nor Country immediately follows Sole's 2019 full-length release 'Destituent' and features production by DJ Pain 1, a platinum producer known for his work with Young Jeezy, 50 Cent, Schoolboy Q, Ludacris, Lil Baby, Sarkodie, Rick Ross, and Public Enemy. Over the past few years, Sole's work has been featured in Spin, C-Span, Democracy Now, Vice, 2 DopeBoyz, The Intercept, Truthout, and countless other music and news outlets. Sole proves that you can make thoughtful music that works in the headphones, on the dance floor, and on the barricades.
  • 1. FTL [Explicit]
  • 2. Extremist [Explicit]
  • 3. Enough [Explicit]
  • 4. Outsiders [Explicit]
  • 5. The World Ain't Yours [Explicit]
  • 6. Wrong Side of the Law [Explicit]
  • 7. T.A. [Explicit]
  • 8. Godless [Explicit]
  • 9. Karma Police II [Explicit]
  • 10. Be Free [Explicit]
  • 11. Company Time [Explicit]
  • 12. Born In The Storm [Explicit]
  • 13. Not Really Here [Explicit]
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