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Social Unrest -Su-2000

Social Unrest


Release date: February 15, 2019
Limited edition blue vinyl pressing of the 1985 debut album by politically-charged punk rockers, Social Unrest! This is considered a seminal album in the Bay Area hardcore punk scene and comes packaged with a printed sleeve containing all the album's lyrics!
  • 1.I Wanna Be Heard
  • 2.Talk's Cheap
  • 3.Jimmy Rocks
  • 4.Good for You
  • 5.Remember It Black
  • 6.Public Enemy Number One
  • 7.Pay for a Hero
  • 8.Good Morning America
  • 9.There's a Stranger Inside
  • 10.Rat in a Maze
  • 11.The Brutality and the Truth
  • 12.Rock N' Roll Babylon
  • 13.Ignorance and Arrogance
  • 14.Out My Window
  • 15.Mission of Mercy
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15 February 2019 / More records