So Pitted Cloned

Release date:
April 12, 2024
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Despite posing as a Seattle-based music ensemble, the true origins and motives of So Pitted remain a mystery. Eyewitness accounts and blurry cellphone footage sightings of the band have rapidly increased, putting relevant agencies on high alert. Further documentation of their activities appears in the sophomore album release CLONED, distributed by the underground faction Youth Riot Records on March 8, 2024.Until this recent warning, some assumed the threat of So Pitted had subsided. Meanwhile, the group toiled in darkness summoning sonic aberrations with the supervision of Tad Doyle, a noted paranormal expert and musician. What emerged are 12 transmissions of post-nuclear visions, mutant transformations, and existential terror. Unidentified inside sources claim singer Nathan Rodriguez astrally projects into parallel realities to steal unreleased material from other musicians, leaving hints of their origins in song titles. One musicologist exposed to leaked copies of the recording disappeared and has not yet been located.Thrill-seekers and academics alike have tracked their movements across the country reporting unexplainable phenomena like floating lights, subliminal influence, and what one researcher described as "musical abduction", emerging from a trance-like state with no sense of time or place. Many attendees observed a member known as Ziam has been seen to either shapeshift or phase in and out of space. Others claim that no such person exists and that one or all band members may be hallucinatory projections. Authorities caution civilians to remain vigilant in monitoring the activities of So Pitted to ensure the safety and security of the public.

  • 1. Muse
  • 2. Tool
  • 3. Everything Sucks
  • 4. Autobiography
  • 5. Vodka Cran
  • 6. Destiny
  • 7. Parasite
  • 8. Unfree
  • 9. Interpol
  • 10. Today
  • 11. No Name #4
  • 12. No Feeling

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