Slack Season Pearlty

Release date:
July 19, 2024
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Product Description

Over atmospheric instrumentation expanded by cinematic structure and pacing, Pearlty presents Knifeplay somewhere between dream-pop influenced shoegaze and lofty slowcore, never fully committing to one or the other in its insistence on creating an immersive, organic world. Originally released in 2019, Knifeplay’s vivid debut Pearlty documents songwriter Tj Strohmer’s expressions of early adulthood in what he describes as “the journey from innocence to experience.” Written during a time of immense inspiration, Strohmer was able to peel himself away from detached nihilism, uncovering the physicality and therapeutic powers of songwriting. Newly emboldened by this discovery and the talented community surrounding him, Strohmer channeled this revelation into his work, taking Knifeplay from a bedroom experiment that merely wrote songs to a more substantial project with a purpose.

  • 1. Tears
  • 2. Suffer
  • 3. Feel U
  • 4. Lover
  • 5. Mirage
  • 6. Specula
  • 7. Held My Hand
  • 8. Angel
  • 9. Lemonhead
  • 10. Bouquet

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