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August 9, 2024
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Across COUNTRY's nine masterful compositions, Skylar Gudasz thrives on the edges of indie rock, folk, and pop, interrogating borders of land and sea, mind and body: the limits of the lines we draw for ourselves. She plays with ideas of power, gender, pride, and perspective, her approach informed by an unearthed turquoise guitar and the pacifist tenets of her Quaker upbringing, her arrangements inspired by the likes of Lucinda Williams, Pink Floyd, Kasey Musgraves, and Kate Bush. A deep, lifelong affection for the ocean comes into focus on COUNTRY amid Gudasz's reckonings with a world in crisis. Skylar Gudasz is a Durham, North Carolina based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. She has opened tours for Teenage Fanclub and the Mountain Goats, and has played in Hiss Golden Messenger and Eric Bachmann's live bands, as well as Big Star's Third. COUNTRY is her third full-length album, following Cinema (2020) and Oleander (2016).

  • 1. Fire Country
  • 2. Mother's Daughter
  • 3. Watercolor
  • 4. Atoll
  • 5. Outlaw
  • 6. Truck
  • 7. Lovestorypastlife
  • 8. Australia
  • 9. No Body

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