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Sir Babygirl - Crush On Me: Biconic Edition

Sir Babygirl

Crush On Me: Biconic Edition

Release date: November 22, 2019
The pseudonymme of DIY pop diva/producer Kelsie Hogue, Sir Babygirl mixes and matches inspirations as sundry as Charli XCX, Hole, Hey Arnold!, and Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! into unabashedly bubblegum, unashamedly queer pop for a future free of genre boundary and the gender binary. Crush on Me: BICONIC Edition is a remastered, expanded version of Crush on Me, released in February 2019. It includes three bonus tracks including a cover of Kesha's 'Praying.' Sir Babygirl has been supported by Pitchfork, NPR Music, The Fader, VICE, MTV, Rolling Stone, and KEXP. Crush on Me: BICONIC Edition dances through discovery'from opener 'Heels,' which sets Sir Babygirl as a bewildered, bisexual Cinderella bailing on the ball, rages through the agony and ecstasy of queer flirting ('Flirting with Her'), parties with old ghosts ('Haunted House'), trudges through social anxieties ('Everyone is a Bad Friend'), and basks in the glow of neon-lit nights out ('Pink Lite').
  • 1. Intro
  • 2. The Form
  • 3. Outro
  • 4. Last Chance To
  • 5. Duet #2
  • 6. #Celloart
  • 7. Alone
  • 8. Next step
  • 9. Every Time
  • 10. Not Alone
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22 November 2019 / More records