Simonetti-Pignatelli Phenomena Original Soundtrack (Purple)

Release date:
May 19, 2023
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"Phenomena", a film by Dario Argento from 1985, is today an international cult classic of horror cinema, born once again from the Italian director's incredible imagination.The original soundtrack, a fragmentary mix of songs by the duo Simonetti-Pignatelli, made specifically for the film, together with others already released by Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Andi Sex Gang and Bill Wyman, is here completely focused solely on the two original Goblin members Fabio Pignatelli and Claudio Simonetti's production. The tracklist editing of this release and the inner notes have been delivered by Fabio Capuzzo, author of the Goblin encyclopedia "Sette Note in Rosso" (Seven Notes in Red).A must for every lover of the Goblin/Argento artistic combination, and for horror soundtrack collectors!

  • 1. Phenomena (Claudio Simonetti)
  • 2. Jennifer (Fabio Pignatelli)
  • 3. The Wind (Simonetti - Pignatelli)
  • 4. Sleepwalking (Simonetti - Pignatelli)
  • 5. The Wind (Insects Version) (Simonetti - Pignatelli)
  • 6. Jennifer's Friend (Simonetti - Pignatelli)
  • 7. Phenomena (Film Version 1) (Claudio Simonetti)
  • 8. Jennifer (End Titles) (Fabio Pignatelli)
  • 9. The Wind (Film Version) (Simonetti - Pignatelli)
  • 10. Sleepwalking (Alternate) (Simonetti - Pignatelli)
  • 11. The Wind (Insects - Film Version) (Simonetti - Pignatelli)
  • 12. Jennifer's Friend (Alternate) (Simonetti - Pignatelli)
  • 13. Phenomena (Piano Solo) (Claudio Simonetti)

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