Silver Scrolls Music For Walks

Release date:
July 10, 2020
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The debut album from Silver Scrolls, a duo consisting of Dave Brylawski (Polvo 60; Black Taj, Idyll Swords)on guitars/vocals and Brian Quast (Polvo, Cherry Valence, Urge Overkill, Vanilla Trainwreck, etc.) on drums, vocals, bass, guitars, and organ. The album is simultaneously introspective, expansive, psychological, rambling and ethereal. It is the ultimate jaunt jam, a 'light' concept album divided into 'Walk One' and 'Walk Two.' As a whole the album through its multiple movements takes the listener from the heart of the city to the crisp mountain air, inviting you to walk, drifting in and out of your own reverie, methodically working your way further away from the trouble you came from and closer to where you want to be. Sonically, Music for Walks explores the entire rock landscape, reflective of Dave and Brian's own musical paths. There are moments of pop harmonies, blues-based psychedelic rock, math-y what-the-f*cks in alt tunings, organ drones and 4 minute percussive interludes. The record feels at once retro and modern, reflective of what it's like to be an adult in 2020, trying to find a way to keep it all together.

  • 1. Walk One (I - Concrete Visions, II - Q Scrolls, III - Internal Owl, IV - Concrete Reprise)
  • 2. Walk Two (I - Nature's Promise, II - Old Solace)

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