Sijjin Sumerian Promises

Release date:
March 15, 2024
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Sepulchral Voice, 12" LP, black 140g / incl. Printed insert, A 45 minutes long lesson in abyssal furiousness and ripping intensity straight out of the caverns of hell. Untamable, pitch-black and archaic Death Thrash Metal, rising from the shadows to embrace the victim with sheer brutality. (Featuring Mors Dalos Ra and Iván Hernández of NECROS CHRISTOS)1. Daemon Blessex 2. Dagger Of A Thousand Deaths 3. Those Who Wait To Enter 4. Sumerian Promises 5. Angel Of The Eastern Gate 6. Passage: Hunting The Lizard 7. Unchain The Ghost 8. Darkness On Saqqara 9. White Mantras Bleed From Black Magic 10. Outer Chambers Of Entity 11. Condemned By Primal Contact

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