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Sieges Even - Life Cycle

Sieges Even

Life Cycle

Release date: December 16, 2022
NOW FINALLY AVAILABLE ON VINYL! When the Thrash Metal band Sodom from Munich made some noise in the city’s youth centers, no one had a clue what an influential, still today unbelievable work the group, renamed Sieges Even in 1987, would present in 1988: The debut „Life Cycle“. There were definitely sophisticated heavy bands in Germany, but the later founded (!) Mekong Delta were the only ones at that time who consciously used elements of progressive rock (King Crimson, Yes, etc.). Instead, insiders were still trying to grasp the first LP of the US band „Watchtower“, that strongly influenced Dream Theater in their beginning. „Life Cycle“ by Sieges Even is in no way inferior to all the aforementioned bands and albums, and additionally impresses in terms of production. This development was already impressively demonstrated on the demo tape „Repression And Resistance“. Despite the insanely complex material, Sieges Even manage to keep the metal and thrash portion so high on this album that even uninitiated listeners grabbed it when the LP hit the stores in 1988 (Steamhammer/SPV). Even Epic Metal elements creep into the mostly overlong tracks („Straggler Of Atlantis“, „David“), whose lyrical contents are far away from the textual monotony that has been in line with the zeitgeist (death, devil, party). The album was produced at Karo Studio by Kalle Trapp. Especially in rock and metal circles at the end of the eighties, he was a wanted man. „Life Cycle“ occupies a special status in the discography of this special band from Munich, because the thrash portion already decreased with the successor and over the years, also with the successor band Subsignal, they started aiming at other target groups. Moreover, Franz Herde‘s distinctive voice only features the band’s first two releases. Until now, this classic was in fact only available in the LP or CD version from 1988 and as a second hand product. Golden Core is proud to re-release this groundbreaking album in remastered form.
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